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Group Info Group Founded 7 Years ago Statistics 19,383 Members
468,237 Pageviews15,873 Watchers

Gallery Folders

Lumpl by yioyio
Space Walk shirt by Vic-Neko
Rovain's reference sheet by kanavenya
Special logo for DA by Ehsartem
Digital-Painting and Drawing-NEW
Karate-girl [OC comission] by H-D200HB
Potion Video Tutorial by MoraSanders
Breaktime by MoraSanders
Destiny Falls - Redraw (Speedpaint available) by dathie
Photo Manipulations-NEW
The Night Tourist in Twisted Town by agevla77
Underwater II by EBENEWOOD
Trophy Hunter by ArthurRamsey
Sports Page by LiamZedTheDesigner
Lene Maria Christensen - Autographed Picture by krist85
~ Velvet black Roses ~ by Vanderstorme
Jason Todd, The Red Hood - Silent Revenge by DashingTonyLima
Catkid by HeyWei
Photography-Food Desserts-NEW
Belgium Waffles by roxan1930
Rainbow Sprinkles by brandimillerart
Little Nutellas by Tsiki10
Nothing can escape their eyes by Adol-Miers
Tabby Cat by allison731
22.19 baby by cloe-patra
Stripey Booty by roxan1930
fairytale by yiimisekiz
Heliopsis helianthoides by MrBeholder
Bleeding Dewdrops by LyricalAutumnWind
Daisy by Grishnakh666
Wallpapers, Icons Etc.-NEW
Icon - XMas Ball by fmr0
Festive Dia Icon by AllItalianRejects
Charlotte Guldberg - Wallpaper by Redfield-1982
XMas Ball - Sunset by fmr0
Traditional Art-NEW
My forest by kathe-cat
Butterfly witch by shishimelody2912
Gears by SayuriIzumi
Dragonage II - Isabela by s0ulafein
Pit by Hatsunation
Colin the Computer by Sinomis
Li'l SPYRO by Lyrin93
MM ~ ZEN(Hyun Ryu) by YuuMistral
3D Digital Art-NEW
goldfish-day by broom-rider
Designs Interfaces-NEW
Shinobi authentic by BriGht-liGht-NSH
Other Digital Art-Look at other folders 1st-
.:Fluffy Mascot bab:. by LunaticLily13
Fractal Art-NEW
350 - Milotic by Devi-Tiger
Mixed Media-NEW
Smokers Paradise by EhX-KoR
Vector Art-NEW
Chicko! by Youlia007
Pixel Art-NEW
301 - Delcatty by Devi-Tiger
Manga and Anime-NEW
BROOOO by wanpuccino
Cartoon Characters-NEW
Comics, Stories-NEW
Magic Ethuil - page 1 by StePandy
||AUCTION|| Tom Boy n' Prep Adopts- CLOSED! by ShoniiAdopts
Paper Toys-NEW
Follow the White Rabbit by MyFantasticWorld
349 - Feebas by Devi-Tiger
Crafts, Clothing, Jewelry Desgins-NEW
140 - Kabuto by Devi-Tiger
Sailor Saturn Process by AurrieChan
Kara X Todo Animation by irzhie
DeviantART Muro-NEW
beach girl by KaylaKedziora
Animation and Video-FULL
Manga Anime- FULL
Shotochu29-05 by daichikawacemi
Vector Art- FULL
Dream Puffs: Wish Upon A Star by VampireJaku
Digital- Painting Drawing 2-FULL
Love Fairy by sicara-deviant
Flash Games and Toys-FULL
Persist - A Tale of Redemption by AdventureIslands
Fan Art-FULL
.:Luna:. by PeppermentPanda
Desktop Customization-FULL
So Many Kirbys Wallpaper by VampireJaku
Crafts, Clothing, Jewellery and Designs 1-FU
Heart Cookie Necklaces by ClayRunway
Photography and Manips-FULL
Society6_Pillowcases by anairys
Pixel Art-FULL
:IC: Arofexdracona by eivven
Digital Art 2-FULL
.:Sweet as Sugar:. by PhantomCarnival
Lissy Dazzle, The Snowflake by JPHyperX
Traditional Art-FULL
Field by Blue-skiez
Comics and Stories-FULL
Anger Ball by philippajudith
Noririn's Tutorial: Paint Tool SAI - PART 2 by Noririn-Hayashi
FanArt and Collabs-FULL
N and Touko by sana37
Paper Toys-FULL
Happy Farm! by caaphoto
3D Digital Art-FULL
vector portrait by karambolera
Animals and Pets Photography-FULL
Sandglass by Teaminds
Digital Art 3-FULL
a nice wallpaper by natalia-factory
Crafts, Clothing, Jewellery and Designs 2-FU
Jayne Cobb by kiddomerriweather
Traditional Art 2-FULL
Mountains upon Mountains v2 by VampireJaku
Digital Art 4-FULL
Banner by steffne
Fan Art 2-FULL
Adventure Time - Burrito Finn by quazo
Vector Art 2-FULL
Kouken: Sweets Valley by VampireJaku
Traditional Art 3-FULL
Floyd by SandraInk
Crafts, Clothing, Jewellery and Designs 3-FU
Birthday Girl by kiddomerriweather
Digital Art 5-FULL
Comm: LaurelHTF by WARIN14
Food and Desert Photos-FULL
Macarons Love by whiterabbit15
Fan Art 3-FULL
Mixed Media-FULL
.:Allen x Kanda ( D.Gray-man ) by ardyliciouce
DeviantART Muro-FULL
Bunny girl by jeh-complex
Crafts, Clothing, Jewellery and Designs 4-FU
Ruby cyclopette by AnneKo
Fan Art 4-FULL
Calendar Project_July_August_September by anairys
Photography and Manips 2-FUL
481 by laki111
Digital Art 6-FULL
Steampunk Flying Apparatus by Z4N9
Vector Art-FULL
My second vector of, Gusty. by Flutterflyraptor
Animation Video-FULL
Elh Melizee Animation by asdfg21
Flash - Games and Toys-FULL
Before dangerous storm by KPEKEP
Wallpaper, Icons etc-FULL
Dimension Wars Stamp by KambalPinoy
Photography and Manips-FULL
Painting a Cat by Precia-T
Pixel Art-FULL
Twilight V.S Trixie (Boxing) by SatoshiTakeo
Digital Art-FULL
You should be stronger by ManillaTea
Traditional Art-FULL
{ Thank You } by Naixyai
Comics and Stories-FULL
Iced Ice Babies by Beavernator
swing by KPEKEP
Emma Frost by Flowerxl
Paper Toys-FULL
Basmachi Page 30 by charcoalfeather
3D Digital Art-FULL
Sleepy Twin Adoptables [CLOSED] by Hatty-hime
Animals and Pets Photography-FULL
Cute Kitty by NicksFluffyShit
Crafts, Clothing and Designs-FULL
Strawberries and Cream Cupcake Slouchy by rainbowdreamfactory
Digital-Painting and Drawing-FULL
Tiger Cheeby Chubby by PeppermentPanda

Group Info

For all who appreciate and create cute and cool flash games, animations, kawaii vector illustrations, and just about anything else you can describe as both cute And cool!

It would also be great if you create your own works if you're willing to offer up support / advice / tutorials for those wishing to follow in this amazing area of digital delights!
Founded 7 Years ago
Dec 7, 2009


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Digital Media

19,383 Members
15,873 Watchers
468,237 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews



Is CuteAndCool inactive?

Basically, not. We have some staff problems but nothing too much alarming. Some few staff members are inactive, but there'll be someone here in a couple of weeks to take care of submissions.

Why my submission keep being rejected?

The rejection of submissions depends on a few things. Maybe it's because it has passed the deadline to be judged (which I'm deeply sorry for), or you did not submitted into a correct folder or even because it's an erotic/nude art. Please read all the questions for more information.

Why is taking so long for submissions to be accepted?

It is because we usually have one or two person to take care of CuteAndCool. I believe there was no one lately to judge submissions. We are really, deeply sorry.

My submission have some erotic or nude content. Why mine is rejected and the other's keep being accepted?

It's prohibited to post any kind of +18 stuff, maybe some staff accept the work. I know ero and nude art have some sense of cute and cool, but we can't let these kind of arts to be submitted in this group. If you don't believe me, please read:

"Do not submit anything inappropriate (If you are unsure just look through the other galleries and ask yourself honestly is your work appropriate for THIS group (there are many many groups on dA that are suited for all kinds of artwork your's will be appreciated in one more suited for it) If we see or get reports that artwork is stolen, spam or 18+ we will block you from submitting in the future."

This can be found in CuteAndCool Homepage, at the right corner.

Why can't I submit in Fanart/Digital Art NEW folders?

This problem was caused due config in Administrator Area. I already fixed it but if you have any problems submitting your art into these folders, please comment below.


  • Digital-Painting and Drawing-NEW & Fanart-NEW are now available!
  • All submissions directed to FULL folders will be declined;
  • All erotic or nude arts will be removed from CuteAndCool;
  • Some arts shall be moved to their correct folder, but only if a staff member already accepted your submission. This doesn't apply for 18+ arts.

That's all folks, thanks for reading, have a nice and wonderful day !
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below !
More Journal Entries

UPDATED Group Rules & Info!

It's important for the future of the group, and your membership of it that you understand and follow these guidelines:

:star:Please limit your submissions to 1 or 2 Deviations a week
This is to ensure members and watchers aren't overwhelmed by our group Deviation updates, and to allow us to keep everything running smoothly.

Make sure to keep an eye on the gallery you're submitting to, it saves us time on cleaning up the galleries.

Do not submit anything inappropriate (If you are unsure just look through the other galleries and ask yourself honestly is your work appropriate for THIS group (there are many many groups on dA that are suited for all kinds of artwork your's will be appreciated in one more suited for it) If we see or get reports that artwork is stolen, spam or 18+ we will block you from submitting in the future.

If you do not wish to recieve Deviation updates, but still want to be part of the group, then please change your Deviant Watch settings.

For the time being only submit to the NEW galleries. Thank you for your patience and understanding in getting the group up and running for members again, and remember Cute Is the new Cool!










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lexxii Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Great Group & :iconcutieshots: Would Like To Affiliate With :iconcuteandcool:  :) Thank you xoLexxiiCutieShots
Vampian Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My art got declined, and I asked twice in the correspondence note as to why that was. Those messages were one and two weeks ago. I still don't see why it was declined; it was submitted to the right folder and everything.

And if it makes it easier (because I'm sure it's been passed over by now since it's been two weeks), here's the art in question.…
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Stan-fairy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016  Student Artist
I am trying to submit something. Can you please check your inbox?
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MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
My submissions keep expiring. Is this group active?
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thank you fo request!
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please check out this cute adoptable pony 
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MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Student Digital Artist
The "New" fanart folder isn't open for submissions.
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